The House of DJ Danthrax: Snapshot

I’m a huge introvert, like really huge, and I think that people are often surprised to hear that about me. I often get pretty anxious in large social and group settings, and I tend to adopt some of the textbook behaviors of introversion and it’s association with ADHD.

Over the years I’ve picked up a lot of ways of better being able to cope with that anxiety, and in retrospect I think that’s where Dj Danthrax came from. He’s the extroverted part of me and oddly enough, he’s kind of my coping mechanism too.

I’ve been in the dj industry for over a decade now, I identify as gay and I’m very open about that. I believe being open and honest about oneself is one of the greatest strengths a person can have. In fact, it’s one of the core reasons why I chose to get into dj’ing in the first place.

Growing up, and being unsure of oneself in the world can be a scary thing. I grew up liking all sorts of varieties of music but I was afraid to listen to a lot of it out in the open, especially around my peers, even some family and friends. I was afraid that by listening to dance music, certain artists, certain genres, that it would put me at risk for being labelled as being a gay, a homosexual, or the dreaded label of being a “faggot”.

A lot has changed since then. I’m no longer afraid to pick and choose what music I listen to out in the open, or worry about what people will think of me when I do. Instead I get to play and share the music I want to listen to, and I think I’ve earned the responsibility to share and express that to anyone who chooses to hear me when I’m out Dj’ing a show.

Today, I get called upon as one of the dj’s asked to perform for all of Winnipeg at The Pride Winnipeg’s festival at The Forks. I’m also quite active in the community and regularly perform for events and promoters in the scene.

I find in the DJ industry, the genre of music a performer chooses to adopt inevitably becomes branded into their very image. I find it’s also one of the core questions that tends to get asked quite a bit when meeting other performers and promoters, as though as the response cultivates how the rest of your conversation is going to go. Whether or not this holds true for some, or couldn’t be farther from the truth for others, for me, how and what I choose to play to a crowd stems from what I was afraid to listen to openly all those years ago.

Since its inception into the music community; the house music genre has branched out into many sub-genres, tech house, tribal house, vocal house to name a few, and I choose to incorporate all of these genres of house, and other genres as well into my performances.

Dj’ing isn’t just a part-time job, it’s also how I direct and focus my energy into something that I can create and be proud of. To allow my mind to focus on something in the moment, which can be very handy for someone like me who tends to affix the majority of their gaze to the horizon.

The House of Dj Danthrax doesn’t necessarily represent my choice in the genre of music I associate myself with, although I admit it does have a nice play on words. Dj’ing is my outlet, it’s how I express the part of me that longs to be around people that the other part of me tends to gravitate away from. It’s my way of reaching out, an invitation if you will, to share with you a little bit about me.

Thanks for reading.