Dj’ing: A labour of love

February has been one of the busiest and most fulfilling months for me yet!

Earlier this month was Kink night, a monthly event which passed its 2 year anniversary last fall. Followed by SubWOOFer, an event that quickly gained momentum in the fetish, bear and leather scene, it strived to promote inclusivity, all while donating proceeds to organisations within the community. Actually I was sick that night and someone took my spot, but I did help promote it a bit. Also that weekend was Lush Presents: Glo Job, an event hosted to you by Winnipeg’s own Victoria Lush, whom I’ve had the pleasure of working with before. If anyone can host a blacklight party and fill a venue on a sunday long weekend, it’s her. Finally, closing my busy month off with Lumberjack, a Room Service Winnipeg event that brought out that little lumberjack in all of us. The dancefloor was packed all night long, so much so that it even made my needle skip a couple times. #VinylProblems

I usually play one, maybe two events each month, and that’s usually where I like to keep it at, held safely within the confines of the hobby zone. Any more than that and I get all weird(er) and sleep deprived, and my sarcadian rhythm starts to turn into sarcadian dub step. Gross.

Dj’ing is a labor of love, and its my way of reaching out and supporting my community the one way I know how. I’m not a very social person, which is usually why I like to work with promoters whenever I can. In a way they do the social leg work for me, because at the end of the day all I want to be is the guy playing with his music and the sound system.